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What to bring from Greece?

What to bring from Greece?

Buying souvenirs is an integral part of any trip. Indeed, many of them upon arrival home will not only remind you of a wonderful vacation at sea, but will also be useful for daily use. Greece is a sunny country with well-groomed beaches and many attractions. The assortment of goods in local retail stores and markets is large, so in order not to waste time compiling a list of presents, think in advance what to bring from Greece. We offer the best gift ideas.


Olives began to be grown in Greece several thousand years ago. According to legend, the first tree was given to the Greeks by the goddess Athena. It was considered sacred in ancient Greece, and today, delicious and juicy olive is the first thing the country is associated with. Different varieties are offered on local markets, the most popular being Kalamon and Halkidiki. But try several types of fruit during the rest, and buy home the one that you like best. Also pay attention to olive oil. It is obtained both from the pulp of olives and from their seeds. In any case, the highest quality is the first Extra Virgin cold pressed. A liter of such a product will cost an average of 6 EUR.

Natural cosmetic

Many have been heard about ancient Greek beauty recipes. These secrets have survived to this day. Cosmetics that are produced in the country have a beneficial effect on the skin and have anti-aging properties. Therefore, natural body care products are versatile and useful souvenirs from Greece. The main ingredient in cosmetics, of course, is olive oil. You can buy soap, scrubs, shampoos and shower gels. Among the popular brands, we note: Aphrodite, Olive Way, Mastic Spa, but in the assortment of goods on the markets there are also handmade products. We also advise you to buy funds with the addition of Mastic tree resin. They have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

Alcoholic drinks

If you are looking for what to buy in Greece for a work colleague or friends, we recommend that you purchase a bottle of a local alcoholic beverage. Those who prefer strong alcohol will enjoy aniseed vodka and metaxa – a mixture of brandy and wine. And lovers of lighter drinks should try the resin wine – white “retsina” and pink “kokkineli”.

Fur products

These gifts from Greece will warm more than one winter, because the Greek fur coats are of good quality. The most famous factories are located in the cities of Katerini and Kastoria. In the second there is an exhibition center for fur products called “EDIKA”. Travel agencies even organize shopping tours here. Since the end of January, discounts are offered in stores on models from last year’s collection, and a luxurious “souvenir” can be purchased at a very competitive price.

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