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Mandatory travel document

Mandatory travel document

The anticipation of holidays, the collection of suitcases, planning excursions – no less pleasant moments than the rest at the resort. But for the vacation abroad to go well, it is important to know what documents are needed for travel. Use our brief memo and make sure you are properly prepared for your trip. Paperwork: what you need to know?

Visa-free countries

More than 80 countries have a visa-free regime with Ukraine. Since the most visited of them are European, we will examine in more detail what documents are needed to travel around Europe:

  • biometric passport;
  • travel voucher or:
  • return ticket;
  • hotel reservation or a notarized invitation from a citizen of the host country;
  • medical insurance policy;

confirmation of the availability of money for travel. The required minimum funds depends on the direction. For the current requirements, check with the travel agent immediately before the trip.

Please note that in 2020, Ukrainians must apply for a visa to enter the UK and Ireland. The political situation may change, so when buying a tour, ask your manager about the visa rules.

Also, a visa-free regime for Ukrainians operates with Georgia, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Tunisia, Armenia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Thailand.

Visa countries

In Jordan, Cambodia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, the Maldives, a visa is issued upon arrival at the airport, so for a trip here you will need the same documents for traveling abroad as in visa-free states. However, for the stamp in your passport, be prepared to make a “visa fee.” In addition, just in case, take with you 2 color photographs measuring 3.5×4.5 cm – they can come in handy when filling out the application for permission to enter.

Before traveling to the UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, Vietnam, China, Japan, Morocco, the Philippines, you must first apply for a visa at the embassy or consulate. Each country has its own requirements for arriving, even the size of the photo for the questionnaire differs. Before applying, find out the current conditions for making a visa.

In addition to the permission to enter (it can be pasted into the passport or issued as a separate document), carry the following documents necessary for traveling:

  • international passport;
  • medical insurance;
  • travel voucher or:
  • return ticket home;
  • hotel reservation or other confirmation of the availability of accommodation for the period of stay abroad;
  • official confirmation of the purpose of the visit;
  • cash and credit card.

Travelers with children

If you are going abroad with a minor, it is important to know what additional documents are needed for traveling with a child. When traveling to visa-free countries:

  • biometric passport (separately made for children under 18 years old);
  • birth certificate. Most often they don’t ask him, but just in case, have it with you;
  • permission to leave Ukraine from the father or mother if the child is traveling with only one of the parents, or from both, in the case of a minor traveling with friends, family relatives, a trainer or teacher.

To visit the visa state, children also need to apply for a visa.

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